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Publisher: Frassinelli, Milan, 1982 First Edition Hardcover with dust jacket as issued, 96 Pages, 29 photographs in b/w and 16 in colour Size: 31x42 cm Condition: Overall good, yellowing along the edge, dust jacket with tears repaired (see picture for details)

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Text: Dino Buzzati Design: Giancarlo Iliprandi Publisher: Bruno Alfieri, Milan, 1965 First Edition, first printing Hardcover, half-cloth binding, 90 Pages, 54 photographs in b/w by Giulia Pirelli e Carlo Orsi Size: 300x400 mm Condition: Overall good, spine slightly faded (see picture for details), signs of use on the cover

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Publisher: Trolley, London, 2004 First Edition, first printing Hardcover with dust jacket, 148 Pages  Size: 245x245 mm Condition: Mint Out of print and rare

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Publisher: Milano Libri Edizioni, Milano, 1974 First Edition, first printing Paperback, 18 Pages not numbered 500x180mm Condition: Very good, signs of time on the cover, inside excellent condition

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Publisher: Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2009 First Edition, first printing Paperback with round edges, 288 Pages, with 200 pictures in full colour and duotone 205x170mm Condition: Fine ISBN: 9789053306703

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Publisher: Photovision, Seville, 2011 First Edition, first printing Spiral-bound, 75 Pages, 245x155mm, 43 colour photographs Condition: Very fine Language: Spanish ISBN: 978-84-931546-5-3 Signed by author

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Text: Peter Adam, Carlo Bertelli  Publisher: Art& Arti Grafiche Friulane, Udine, 1989, First Edition Hardcover, 31x25 cm, 164 Pages, 96 Images in duotone Condition: New Language: Italian

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Publisher: CIPIA, Bologna, 1982, First Edition Softcover, 114 pages, 305x235 mm and approx. 177 illustrations, some in color  Condition: Good, a white stain on the upper part of the cover (see picture for details). Stamp of the previous owner on the first white page Language: Italian

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Text: Francesco Zanot Publisher: Danilo Montanari, Ravenna, 2012, First Edition Hardcover, 24x30 cm, 136 pages, 76 color plates Condition : Excellent Language: Italian Limited edition 300 copies ISBN: 9788887440850

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Publisher: Phaidon, London, 2004, First Edition Softcover, 123x185 mm, 512 Pages  Language: Italian Condition: Excellent

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Publisher: Hatje-Cantz, Berlin, 2003, First Edition Hardcover, 29x32 cm, 156 Pages with 120 colour plates  Language: German and English Condition: Mint

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Editors: Sandy Arrowsmith Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Callaway, New York, 1996, First Edition Hardback Boxed set, 152 pages, 36,5x29 cm Condition: Two pages with some stains (see pictures for details), otherwise fine condition Language: English ISBN: 9780684833026 Limited numered edition

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