HANG Ren | Room

Publisher: SelfPublished, 2011, First Edition

Softcover, 15x21 cm, 32 Pages

Condition: Like new

Limited edition 600 copies, every single copy has it's own unique number

320 €

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Room is the second of Ren Hang's self-published photo books and maintains the concept and themes of the first, Ren Hang: 2009-2011. Unsurprisingly his raw and provocative exploration of nudity and eroticism has stirred controversy in China where his works have faced criticism for being obscene and vulgar.

Like many young artists of his generation in China the work of photographers such as Nobuyoshi Araki and Wolfgang Tillmans is a powerful influence. To this Ren Hang brings his own twists on trash pop culture, fashion and Japanese horror. The result is a body of images that overflows with raw energy and a mischievous desire to challenge conventional boundaries of taste and art in a still highly conservative society.