GASPARINI Paolo | Megalopolis: Los Angeles, Mexico, San Paolo

Essay by Victoria de Stefano.

Publisher: CRAF, Gradisca D'Isonzo, 2000, First Edition

Spiral-bound hardback, 21,5x38 cm, 101 Pages, 240 Images in b/w and 36 in colour

Condition: Like New

Language: Italian and Spanish 

230 €

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Rare Exhibition monograph presented as an Artist Book. Photo by Paolo Gasparini and design by Yvette Garcia. Glossy pictorial hard boards with white titles on the cover, as issued. A tall book, it is spiral-bound, enabling the viewer to turn the pages easily at random. Each page is cut clean into three horizontal sections. Each section reproduces images of a city. The pages can be turned in any sequence so that a different combination of six images forms into a doublespread, in innumerable possible combinations.  "Paolo Gasparini has been making committed and interesting photobooks for over 30 years...Megalopolis continues a theme that has occupied Gasparini for many years: the political and and economic impact of the United States on Latin America...The volume is spiral bound, and every page is cut into three horizontal sections, each depicting a different city. These can be turned in any order so that a different combination of six images across a double page is brought up each time, and we never know which city we are in. Gasparini is making the point that the all-embracing consumer society of the United States...has drained large metropolises of their uniqueness...Gasparini has always been a street photographer in the Garry Winogrand mold, so the artefacts he looks at--shop windows, street furniture, cafes, office buildings, cars, political posters and graffiti, and, above all, signs and advertising hoardings--make his case for him easily enough" (Parr & Badger The Photobook: A History Vol.II).