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Photographer: Carlos Guimarães Publisher: Ministério da Informmação da República Popular de Angola, Luanda, 1977, First Edition Soft cover. Abundantly illustrated, 310x240 mm, 160 pages, 87 colour and 36 b&w photographs Condition: Good, signs of use on the cover, ex-libris stamp on the back. Original slipcase and poster are missing Language: Portuguese, English and French

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Publisher: The Press Department of the Spanish Embassy, London, 1938, First Edition, First Printing Paperback, 4°, 310x250 mm, 78 pages with 118 black and white photographic images  Condition: General good condition, yellowing pages, some foxing in many pages, small book spine damage (see pictures for details) Language: English and Spanish

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Text: Herybert Menzel and Albert Speer Publisher: Verlag Georg Callwey, München, 1943, First Edition, First Printing Hardback, 455x330 mm, 48 pages with 24 colour photographs, 12 pages of German text Condition: Pages Inside in Very good condition, spine repaired, spine restored, small lacks spine in the upper and lower part Language: German

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Publisher: Scuola di Mistica Fascista, Milan, 1940, First normal edition (3-12000) Paperback, Square format, 82 pages, Text in red and black, photographs in b/w Condition: General good condition Language: Italian

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Text and photographs by Felix Greene Design: Hubert Leckie Publisher: Fulton Publishing Company, Palo Alto, 1966 First Edition, first printing Softcover, 176 Pages, 100 black and white photograph Size: 218 x 204 mm Condition: Very good, normal sign of use on the cover Language: English Signed and dedicated by author

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Photographs: Various photographer Design: Otto Haikenwälder Publisher: Politische Verwaltung des Ministeriums des Inneren, Dresden, 1965 First Edition, first printing Hardcover, 192 Pages, colors and b/w photographs reproduced in gravure Size: 325 x 245 mm Condition: Excellent Language: German

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Publisher: Mario Antunes Leitao, Porto, 1934 First edition Softcover,  435 pages Size: 255 x 185 mm Condition: Very good, a fold on the dustjacket (see picture for details) Language: Portuguese

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Publisher: The Young guard, Berlin, 1973 First Edition Hardcover, 190 pages, photos in b/w Size: 200 x 260 mm Condition: Fair/Good. Pages inside in good condition, cover wear with many signs of use (see pictures for details) Language: Russian, English, French, German and Spanish

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