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Publisher: Rizzoli, Milan, November 1972, Year I, Number I Softcover, 171 Pages Condition: Good, fold on the right side Language: Italian Include original poster

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Curated by Safia Belmenouar, Marc Combier Publisher: Editions Alternatives, Paris, 2007 Softcover, 143 Pages, 27x21 cm Condition: Good, cover with normal signs of use Language: French ISBN: 2862275298

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Text: Christian Bouqueret, Jim Dolinsky, Italo Mussa, Ulrich Pohlmann and Peter Weiermair.  Publisher: Essegi, Ravenna, 1987 Softcover, 160 Pages, 112 photographs in b/w and colour by Dominique Auerbacher, Clifford Coffin, George Dureau, Paolo Gioli, Pierre Moliner, Luigin Ontani, Hiro Sato, Andre Steiner, Timm Ulrich Condition: Excellent Language: Italian

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Publisher: Savelli, Rome, 1979, First Italian Edition Softcover, 205 Pages Condition: Good, normal  yellowing of pages signs of use (see pictures for details) Italian Language

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Publisher: Darte Distributors Ltd., 1970, First Edition Softcover, 140x210 mm, 64 pages, Unpaginated Condition : Very good, light wear at the corner Language: English

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Publisher: Fabbri, Milan, 1982, First Edition Softcover, 22×29 cm, 64 pages Condition : Fine Language: Italian

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