Archivio dello spazio 1987-97

Authors: Collective (Luigi Ghirri, Gabriele Basilico, Olivo Barbieri, Guido Guidi , Mario Cresci, Mimmo Jodice and many others)

Text: Roberta Valtorta, Achille Sacconi

Publisher: Arti Grafiche Friulane, Udine, 1998, First Edition

Hardcover, 29×28 cm,  Italian language, 546 pages, more than 500 b/w and colour photographs

Condition : Excellent

ISBN: 978-8886550451

130 €

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Fundamental chapter in the history of the renowned "Italian landscape photography", a must for lovers of the genre. A complete collection of four volumes published for a photographic campaign in the province of Milan which over 10 years has attracted numerous distinguished photographers. Among them Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Guido Guidi, Mario Cresci, Vincenzo Castella, Mimmo Jodice, Luigi Ghirri, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Marina Ballo Charmet, Luca Andreoni, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Luca Campigotto, Francesco Radino and Walter Niedermayr.